Care and FAQ



All Stable State pendants incorporate brass elements and brass chain.  Brass will tarnish, changing from bright yellow to warmer brown tones. To maintain a brighter lustre, you can use jewelry polishing cloths or microfibre. A bit of acidity, in the form of soy sauce or ketchup can aid in the process, but be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry after and be cautious to avoid getting liquids on wood as it may absorb and stain.


Wooden pendants are finished with beeswax which gives them some water resistance and also means that they can be easily polished by hand. It can be helpful to warm the wax finish with a hairdryer while polishing. While they resistant to water, wood pendants are not waterproof and should be kept dry, –put it in your pocket if you are caught in the rain and dry it off as soon as possible if it accidentally goes swimming.


Soapstone, as the name implies, is a relatively soft stone. These pendants are shaped and finely polished, but designed to erode over time. It will take a long time and depend on the way you care for it, but someday the stone may erode away completely, leaving only minimalist polished brass elements. The stone surface is finished with beeswax and can be polished with a soft cloth, however deeper scratches will not buff out and add to the character of your pendant.



How long are the necklace chains?

Our standard length is 30", which is ideal for most folks. However, I want you to fall in love with a pendant not a chain, so after you pick a piece we can put it on the length of chain you prefer. To determine the precise length you desire, I recommend you measure the length of necklace that you already own.

The brass elements in my stone pendant have become loose, can I fix them?

Yes, repairability was built in. If at some point the brass becomes loose inside the stone, the hot glue that fixes them in place can be re-adhered by melting it. To do this, place the pendant in a cool oven and set it to 150˚C/300˚F.  After about 15min and everything is hot and the glue is melted, carefully remove the pendant while ensuring the brass is properly centred in the stone. Place it on a flat surface with the brass horizontal and allow it to cool completely. Once the glue and stone has cooled the elements should be secure again. 

The stones look heavy, are they uncomfortable to wear?

Most people are surprised to find that in spite of being made of stone, the pendants do not feel heavy when you are wearing them. If weight is a concern, we recomend selecting a wood pendant because their visual weight far exceeds their actual weight.